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Writing Killer Ad Copy, The Interactive Edition.

Jun 17, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
Writing Killer Ad Copy

Matt Van Wagner, Find Me Faster

Craig Danuloff, ClickEquations
Elizabeth Marsten,
Shane Snow, Location3 Media

Writing Killer adcopy is all about freeing your mind. It is about explaining the benefit in the adcopy based on search query. Here is the brief synopsis of information presented during SMX advance 2009 in writing killer adcopy session by each presenter.

Steps towards writing high performance ads
According to the very first presenter Craig, every search is a question and results are possible answers to these questions. Ad copy is your hand raised to offer your answer.

As an advertiser, we need to align ads with search queries not with keywords. It is crucial to create focused adgroups based on queries not keywords, and ensure that every answer matches every question.

Possible message components of an ad could include a keyword, features, benefits, trust, economics, shipping, competitors, or call to action. The ultimate goal is to test with different ingredients within an adcopy, monitor the results of these campaigns, and apply your learnings across other campaigns. Craig explained a step by step process for writing adcopy for high performance ads.

  1. They are written to address the question asked by specific search queries
  2. Targeted to a very narrow band of queries via tightly focused ad groups
  3. Tested with many different ingredient messages to find optimal CTR

Steps towards writing killer adcopy by Shane

As a second speaker, Shane shared steps we can take to write killer adcopy. He showed the video focused on reality is not what you see but what you think. Check out the video It is not the spoon that bends but it is what you think and see needs to bend.

Very First step in PPC copy writing is to free your mind. Shane shared a video about showing the value of making your mind free and letting your imagination go wild before writing adcopy. – Bottom-line, let your imagination go wild. Consider mistakes an opportunity to learn.

Second Step is to Twist up Features/Benefits – Expressing your features and benefits in wacky or unexpected ways can significantly boost your creativity and response to your ads.

A few great pointers given by Shane for writing killer adcopy
Hype Tagline by using infomercials, sensational vocabulary. Headlines should be engaging enough to lead surfer to read the rest of the text, and rest of the text should be good enough to lead surfer into the click. Infomercials, social media headlines, and other highly competitive marketing venues can be great sources of inspiration for your copywriting. Use exciting vocabulary to spice up your adcopy.

Elizabeth Marsten from Portent Interactive did phenomenal job and shared 7 tricks for writing killer adcopy.

1. Be More Aggressive

  • Tell people what to do…with edge!
  • Question their safety and security.
  • Point out flaws in both their appearanceand personality
  • Ask them why they suck?

2. Use Reverse Psychology – By using reverse psychology, you’ll catch all those people that didn’t respond to the aggressive ad.

Here are few examples of using reverse psychology

  • Your mom’s been doing it for years.
  • Mind games are fun.

    Don’t Buy Shoes
    Shoes Take Up Space, Even
    When They’re on Sale.

3. People need repetition for the message to sink in.
For Example
Double and Triple Your Fun
Double your pleasure. Double your fun!

4. Appeal to their Ego

  • Point out how everyone else is a loser.
  • Tell them how good looking they are.
  • Stretch the truth about their intelligence.
  • Mention that they smell nice.

5. Use Guilt – Incite a sense of duty.

  • Mention that not buying from you makes small
    children die.
  • Millions will go hungry! , Hundreds will die!
  • But a Snuggie will make everything all better.

    Pants Don’t Fit?
    Stop Snacking, You’re Doing it to
    Yourself. Free Trial Gym Pass.

    Donate to Our Cause
    Orphan Children Will Die
    Without Your Support!

6. Using Sounds as Words

  • It’s time we invoke senses in ads! Not just
    emotions like guilt, anger and shame.
  • If they can hear it, they will come.
  • Snap, Crackle and Pop proved that it works.
    Crispy, Crumbly Butter Cookies.
    Free Shipping on Orders of $25+

7. Write for Women

  • Play on insecurities and weaknesses.
  • Utilize that spending power. Shopaholic is about
    a woman after all.
  • Pander to their needs.
  • They’re always right.
  • Show them you care.


    Terry Cloth Track Suits
    Are Always in Style. Don’t
    Waste Wearing Them at the Gym.

8. Write Ads that Sound Dirty, but Aren’t.

  • Buying toner is extremely boring. Spice it up!
  • Get that sale by making them laugh.
  • Appeal to the gutter minded.

In conclusion, all the presenters did a phenomenal job of showing how to write killer adcopy and some of the crucial steps required to do so.

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