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SMX 2012 Boot Camp- Link Building Fundamentals

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SMX 2012 Boot Camp


Link-building expert Debra Mastaler reviewed the latest cutting edge approaches to link building.

The session expanded on the new and more opportunities available for link building via social media: blogs, and social media sites, since new sites mean new links and traffic streams.

The session reiterated that link popularity is key to online success and provided information about how to get quality links, the importance of well crafted anchor text to build authority, and expanded on the main factors that determine link popularity and link building tactics.

Factors affecting link popularity include:

  1. Link Quality – PageRank on Google is a link analysis algorithm that helps determine link quality
  2. Link Quantity – How many links are pointing back to your site?
  3. Relevance – Pages that are contextually similar – Is the site linking to your site in the same keyword neighborhood
  4. Anchor Text Significant weight  given to anchor text by Google


Link Building tactics:

  • Place Links in content areas (avoid navigation and sponsored areas)
  • Link to your internal pages as much as possible (don’t just always link to the home page)
  • Content generation: reviews, guest blogging, article writing, podcasts, white papers, image sharing
  • Foundational Linking: directories, local links, forum posting
  • Authority Linking Tactics: .edu/.org blogs
  • Wikipedia: a very valuable source for link building

The main take away from the session was that link building continues to be critical for online success, and with the explosion of new channels, the opportunities for link building have multiplied as well.

Contributed by Manisha Kumar, Director of Client Services

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