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Landing Page and Quality Score

Jun 03, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Page and Quality Score

Recently, I launched a gay marriage themed campaign for a hotel group landing page. The hotel group is located in Washington, DC. They are targeting the LGBT community since gay marriage was recently legalized. Therefore, their promotion was a gay marriage travel special. Although the keywords “gay marriage” were in the ad copies and keywords, they were not on the landing page.

For a two week period, their stats were as follows:

  • CTR = 2.49%
  • Impressions = 763
  • Clicks = 19
  • Average CPC = $1.50
  • Quality Score = 4.48

Then, I added the “gay marriage” keywords on the landing page, and collected another data set over the next two weeks.

Quality Score

Data set for the next two weeks are as follows:

  • CTR = 5.08%
  • Impressions = 1458
  • Clicks = 83
  • Average CPC = $.80
  • Quality Score = 5.54

From this test, I gathered the following conclusions how continuity of the keyword on the landing page can impacted the campaign

  • CTR more than doubled
  • Impressions more than doubled
  • Clicks increased by 400%
  • CPC was cut in half
  • Quality Score increased by a whole point

For literature on this test, please visit ClickZ at

Conclusion: Maintaining continuity of keywords from the user’s search, ad copy, keyword in the ad group, and finally the landing page all contribute to the overall performance of the campaign. It increases CTR, impressions, clicks and Quality Score. Meanwhile, it decreases the average cost-per-click. Therefore, much strategy must be placed on ensuring the right keywords are in the right locations and at the right times.

Contributed by: Nelson Toriano, Milestone Internet Marketing

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