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CPA Marketing and Coupon Marketing

Nov 09, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
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CPA Marketing and Coupon Marketing

Coupons are a great way of promoting offers and specials which will results in extra traffic and revenue. There is enough volume ofcoupon 300 224users looking for coupons but very few who are taken advantage of this.

Below is a summary of research done on coupons and coupon usage-

  1. Online coupons and promotion codes drive incremental revenue
  2. Online coupons increase sale cycles
  3. Digital coupon use is rising
  4. Active coupons usually tend to try new brands
  5. Targeted online coupons reduce shopping cart abandonment
  6. Online coupons can reinforce brand images
  7. Generate new users

Some strategies for online coupons which you can promote through you own website.

  1. Build a page on the website which has coupon – Build a mobile version too.
  2. Optimize the page properly with the offer
  3. Make the coupon downloadable, print friendly, sharable across channels like Facbook and twitter, email etc.
  4. If the website is an E commerce website, then use coupon code to apply the discount.
  5. Find coupon related websites and get listing from them to build relevancy and additional traffic.
  6. Run paid search campaigns and social campaigns to promote the coupon on your website.

Conclusion: coupons are a great way of promoting business online, as the competition is very weak for this type of marketing, take complete advantage of it.

Speakers:  Chuck Hamrick, Cotter Cunningham, Andy Atkins-Krueger

Moderator: Joe Laratro

Contributed by – Justin Varghese, ROI Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing Inc.

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