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SMX West 2012 A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Surviving SEO Changes

Mar 01, 2012   |   Industry News, Speaking Our Minds
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Hitchhiker’s Guide to Surviving SEO Changes


SMX West 2012’s session on A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Surviving SEO Changes provided insights on how to align with the rapidly changing SEO landscape.


SEO’s must continue to provide a high-quality user experience starting with the search engine results page (SERP) – the page should be relevant to the query, and focus on optimizing website pages for long tail searches.

Other critical factors include fresh and quality content, plus ensuring that all relevant information is above the fold. In the same vein, try to make your content as unique as possible- and blog every day, if you can! Adding an authorship tag will also enhance the SEO value of your blog.

Additionally, site performance, site maps, solid architecture and a well organized navigation are also very important factors.

Finally, integrating social media is a must as is being very active on it. Having an editorial calendar is a good practice- and now along with blogging and other social media, Google weighs in heavily on the Google+ integration.

The speakers stressed the importance the above factors as crucial to surviving the SEO changes, and also reiterated that link building, site audits and mobile e-commerce must not be ignored.


  • Kerry Dean, Chief Traffic Officer, PMG (Performance Media Group)
  • Michael Martinez, Owner, SEO Theory
  • Mark Munroe, Senior Director, SEO, Reply!, Inc
  • Marshall Simmonds, Founder and CEO, Define Media Group, Inc.

Contributed by Manisha Kumar, Director of Client Services

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