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US Search Awards: Milestone Inc. shortlisted for two prestigious awards -, Milestone Inc.

US Search Awards: Milestone Selected as Finalist for Best Search...

September 18, 2020   |   Industry News
The US Search Awards, which brings together the best of the business in SEO, online advertising, and content marketing has selected Milestone as a finalist in two categories for...
Why America Will Travel Again -, Milestone Inc.

Why America Will Travel Again

July 28, 2020   |   Industry News
By Anil Aggrawal, CEO of Milestone I took a trip a few days back for the first time since the shutdown began. We rented a car from Hertz at San Jose Airport and drove from the San...
Weddings-During-a-Pandemic -, Milestone Inc.

Weddings During a Pandemic

June 3, 2020   |   Hotel, Industry News
Challenges can be the mother of invention, and the covid pandemic has made large in-person gatherings impossible. But, people still want to and need to get married and want to...
Senate Coronavirus Aid Bill -, Milestone Inc.

Senate Coronavirus Aid Bill

March 27, 2020   |   Industry News
Details of the US Coronavirus Aid Bill The US Senate and House passed a massive aid bill, S. 3548, The Corona Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, to shore up the...
Google My Business Limiting Functionality Due to COVID-19 -, Milestone Inc.

Google My Business Limiting Functionality Due to COVID-19: What...

March 23, 2020   |   Industry News, Speaking Our Minds
Being visible to customers with the right information at the right time can be a challenge to any local business even in the best of times, and the global spread of the novel...
Top tips to work from home effectively - Covid 19 -, Milestone Inc.

Top tips to work from home effectively

March 18, 2020   |   Industry News, Speaking Our Minds
For many organizations and professionals, working from home was increasing because of the distributed nature of domestic or international teams, to attract a larger talent pool,...
Google Doorway Explained: -, Milestone Inc.

Google Doorway Pages vs. Independent Hotel Websites –...

There has been a lot of confusion regarding Google’s update on March 16 regarding “Doorway Pages”. We believe that the definition of “doorway pages” has been...
Introduction to Flickr -, Milestone Inc.

Introduction to Flickr

November 24, 2018   |   Industry News
Photo sharing is a segment within social media that allows users to upload and share digital images with other people online. Flickr is recognized among the top photo management...
Facebook Advertising, Taking Over Google Ads?

Facebook Advertising, Taking Over Google Ads?

November 23, 2018   |   Getting Social, Industry News
Is Facebook capable of competing with Google in regards to advertising for businesses? Facebook retargeting may have you allocating more money to this social platform....
Title tags for SEO -, Milestone Inc.

How to Write Winning Title Tags for SEO

September 5, 2018   |   Industry News
Title tags are a critical element in Search Engine Optimization. The following are among our recommendations for utilizing them as effectively as...