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Amstar DMC Increases Impression Share by 209% and Clicks to Website by 144% using Milestone Schema Manager

Jan 18, 2022   |   Industry News

Amstar DMC provides world-class destination services and guided tours to individuals, travel agencies, tour operators, corporations, and meeting planners. Amstar DMC has a track record of 30 years delivering exceptional experiences in some of the world’s most beautiful spots: think Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Curacao, St. Martin, Aruba, and Hawaii.

The primary marketing goals of Amstar DMC were
• Drive post-pandemic visibility from search engines from mobile devices
• Increase clickthrough rate on website from mobile devices

Strategic Planning and Execution to Meet Goal
• Milestone Research team had identified that hotel websites with advanced schemas benefit by
            1. Increase in organic traffic by 31%
            2. Increase in FAQ visibility on search by 98%
            3. Increase in feature snippet visibility by 124%
            4. Visibility of ‘People Also Ask’ was up by 89%
            5. Knowledge Panel visibility was up by 42%
• Milestone Inc SEO and product teams researched and identified schema types most suited for organization, website, webpages, services pages, travel agency, and offer.
• Schemas, including Trip, Service/Product, ItemList, ImageGallery, VideoObject, WebPage, TravelAgency were deployed across the website to gain awareness & discoverability across search engines.

Schema tagging and entity optimization powered By Milestone Schema Solutions

The primary objective of Amstar DMC was to drive post-pandemic visibility on search engines and increase CTR from mobile devices, and after implementation of the Milestone schemas, the results have been fantastic for the client.


209% increase in impressions from mobile devices on Google search


144% increase in clicks to the website from mobile devices


29% improvement in avg. position of website on Google Search


69K impressions from product rich results

Why You Should Choose the Milestone Schema Solution

  1. Milestone customers see 20% to 40% lift in traffic on sections that use error-free advanced schemas.
  2. The Milestone solution includes more than 280 different schema markups in our schema platform. We ensure that your website content is tagged with the right schema and json coding, which allows deep indexing of your website for better visibility and position in search.
  3. Milestone schema solution can be deployed in first-party or third-party CMS equally seamlessly.
  4. Our schema deployment is the most advanced in the industry and we not only deploy schemas but keep it error free so you can focus on your business while we take care of your website.
  5. Our software stack powered by Milestone Schema Manager allows you to self-manage the entire implementation if you choose to do so at your end and reduces the load on your IT team.

We increase acquisition by enhancing digital experience and increasing content visibility. Contact us at [email protected] or call us at 408-200-2211 or visit us at

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