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Data is Your New Oil: eCommerce Managers Tool Kit

Dec 09, 2016   |   Digital Marketing Analytics
Data is Your New Oil: eCommerce Managers Tool Kit -, Milestone Inc.

Digital Marketing and eCommerce Managers spend a great deal of time capturing, refining, and interpreting the endless stream of customer data. The data comes from multiple channels: social networks, Google Analytics, customer transactions, email, feedback forms and surveys. PWC and Think with Google research found that data driven organizations are three times likely to be more effective in making better decisions. The hospitality industry is no different, your guests are engaging with multiple devices and across multiple digital channels to make their buying decisions. The list of devices and channels within the eCommerce data stream to track can be overwhelming: website traffic, organic search, paid search (generic and branded), social Media, display media, meta search, email marketing, mobile and listings on referral sites.

Data is now everywhere, a continuous stream of data points all waiting to be turned into actionable insights. However, it is also true that capturing, managing, and delivering data driven insights from so many sources is, at best, challenging. It is important for companies to stay closer to customers’ needs and assist them to make better decisions during intent driven actionable moments where customers truly need someone to help them.

At Milestone, we saw common challenges across our portfolio of clients in regards to data accumulation, analysis, and action and developed solutions to eradicate these challenges.

Unalytix solves the accumulation and analysis problem by displaying the data in an intuitive interface. It brings digital marketing and distribution channel analytic data that allows managers to better understand digital marketing and the key performance indicators to make informed decisions. The key performance data includes revenue, room nights, ADR, and spends. Managers can now optimize digital marketing channels from a single screen – your website, local listings, paid search campaigns, social media, online reputation and email campaigns. Click here to learn more about Unalytix

Intellistar enables businesses to monitor their holistic digital presence from a single dashboard, taking it even further by doing competitive and industry benchmark analysis across key focus areas. Through Intellistar’s insights, businesses are empowered with targeted strategies for connecting with customers across every touch point – mobile, tablet or desktop – and through their journey across channels like social, local and paid. Click here to learn more about Intellistar.

Milestones CMS’s Conversion Rate Optimization Modules (CRO), allows a business to track visitors who abandoned the website due to poor user experience. Site abandonment leads to lost revenue and increases the customer acquisition cost. CRO modules help to get more value out of the traffic on the website by turning site visitors into customers, increasing the conversion rate on your website, which can further lead to higher revenue and ROI from your current marketing efforts. CRO Module uses testing, user feedback, and analytics to make changes on the website to increase conversion and revenue. Click here to learn more.

By using Milestone’s data driven software and solutions you will be able to bring all of your digital tools together, reviewing all of your digital marketing and revenue contribution KPI’s in a single interface. Empower your business with a 360° overview of performance and digital strategies with reports delivered in an intuitive and interactive manner. If you are an eCommerce Manager, Digital Marketing Manager or a Revenue Manager, at Milestone, we looked at your daily challenges and developed solutions to address your data analytics pain points. For more information and a demo request, please email us at [email protected], visit us at, or call us at 1-866-615-2516.

Contributed by: Gaurav Varma, Product Marketing Manager

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