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Tim Ash on Top SEO Tools

Nov 15, 2010   |   Conversion Best Practices
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SEO Tools

PubCon Las Vegas – Top SEO Tools for Website Optimization

Speaker: Tim Ash

Tim Ash of gave PubCon 2010 attendees the top 5 website optimization tools to help increase conversions that all search marketers should be using today:

    • Key Features:
      • Mouse heat maps
      • Click confetti, link click overlay
    • Conversion Applications:
      • Click on non clickable images
      • Understand behavior changes based on screen size and traffic source
    • Key Features:
      • User session recording and playback
      • Click heat maps with adjustable display
      • Advances link analytics – hesitation, hover, timing
      • Advance form analytics
    • Conversion Applications:
      • How far people scroll, do they reach bottom of page, what form fields are commonly left blank, which form fields cause the most delay/confusion, which links are hovered but not clicked
    • Key features:
      • Online test set up
      • Pre screened subjects
      • Quick results
      • Get audio/visual recordings of text transcript
    • Conversion Applications
      • Observe actual problems that uninterested visitors have
      • Run tests against your benchmark competitors sites
      • Get unexpected ideas for problems/testing
    • Key Features:
      • Test different OS, browser, and application combinations
      • Pay by the minute for screenshots of live testing
    • Conversion Applications
      • Identify usability issues with different configurations
      • Find broken or suboptimal site operation
      • Find distorted spatial relationships
      • See what your content looks like on different size browsers
    • Key Features:
      • Creates “attention heat maps”
      • Works with live and mocked up designs
      • No actual page visitors required
      • Instant Results, just upload an image
    • Conversion Applications:
      • Identify visual elements that distract from goals
      • Determine exact amount of emphasis for key elements
      • Improve a landing page design before you publish it

Conclusion: Tim Ash concluded his presentation by providing an action plan for search marketers to deploy:

  • Install Crazy Egg or Click Tale on mission critical pages
  • Check pages with popular browsing and Oss using Cross Brower Testing
  • Have 5 users complete the test
  • Redesign page based on findings

Contributed by: Kate Rasmussen, Milestone Internet Marketing

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