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SEO Design & Organic Site Structure at Pubcon 2010

Nov 15, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Organic Site Structure

Importance of SEO Design

In today’s “SEO Design & Organic Site Structure” session in Vegas Pubcon 2010, Ted Ulle discussed the importance of websites being user friendly & search engine friendly.  Although many believe websites should be “flashy” to catch the audience’s eye, in reality it’s about strong content and strong site architecture.

Below is his suggested site development process:

  1. Establish your Marketing Goals: what do you want to communicate? What niche is your product/service filling?
  2. KWR strategy
  3. Content (place keywords at least as placeholders)
  4. Information Architecture of Site
  5. Back end & Metrics: What analytics are you going to focus on & what platform will you use.
  6. Establish Full Copy for Site
  7. Graphic Design for site
  8. “Web” edit your final design: make sure content interacts with layout and make sure navigation labels are not overcrowded

You may run into a few hurdles in this process, anything from graphic designers trying to show off their flash abilities to IT people writing copy (auto responses, error messages, etc).  Just remember, that the websites are meant for users, your customers. Your website should also be extremely search engine friendly and highly optimized.  What’s the use of having a flashy site that annoys consumers and isn’t easily found by the search engines?

Ted Ulle, Senior Search Analyst, Coverseon Inc.
Michael Martin, Owner, Michael Martin
Taylor Pratt, Raven

Contributed by: Zulema Romero, Milestone Internet Marketing

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