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Online Advertising Continues to Grow

Apr 20, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Online Advertising

In spite of the economic challenges that all businesses are facing, there is an overall increase in online ad spending. Even before the recession began, we saw a significant shift in spending towards the internet. As the fastest growing channel of distribution, hotels have been placing more of an emphasis on online advertising in order to remain relevant and competitive. The challenging economy has not stopped this trend.

In a study by eMarketer, they took a look at online ad spending as a percent of total media ad spending from 2007-2013. The growth is both consistent and compelling. We do expect that within online ad spending, the allocation towards innovative media will continue to grow as well. Hotels are increasingly adding videos, social media, social networking, etc. to the media plan mix in order to grow with the evolving search engine technology.

The nature of online advertising (high ROI and ease of tracking) makes this an ideal marketing tactic during the recession. With the ability to prove results through search engine optimization, Pay Per Click, etc. hotels are in a great position to spend their marketing dollars wisely and measure success.

Contributed by: Kimberly Ehrlich, Milestone Internet Marketing

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