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Featured Product – Online Coupons

Apr 20, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Featured Product

Everyone is looking for a way to save pennies today and travelers are no exception. Guests are looking for value now more than ever and hotels are striving to come up with new ways to communicate that value. One product Milestone has been testing to help convert lookers into bookers is a coupon module.

Grand Velas PPC Landing pages

We first spoke about coupons for hotels on our blog in January ( Since that post Milestone has implemented the coupon module on several sites and the results have been strong. In just one month, a property in Phoenix has seen over 152 people visit the coupon page, 46 downloads, 9 people e-mail the coupon and 29 people click to book the offer online. Another property in Manhattan has seen over 121 people visit the coupon page and 34 visitors click to book in the same period.

The coupon module allows individual hotels complete control over the offer, disclaimer, details, expiration dates, etc. The hotels can update their offer at any time based on their occupancy levels through a very simple Coupon Management System interface. Milestone offers complete backend access to track how many visitors clicked on a coupon, printed, downloaded, e-mailed the coupon or clicked on a book now link to book the offer. Once the coupon module is implemented, Milestone is enrolling the website in various coupon directories to help take advantage of those consumers looking for discounts.

For more information about the coupon module or any other Milestone products and services, call (888) 350-8396 or email: [email protected]

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