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5 Ways to Increase Website Conversion

Aug 06, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Improve Landing Page Conversion

Hotels that monitor website conversion rates generate more online revenue by maximizing their existing traffic and gain greater insight into their visitors behavior. A website conversion rate is determined by dividing the number of online reservations by the total number of visitors. Setting aside ADR and inventory, typically an increase in conversion will directly result in significant revenue growth. Here are 5 ways to increase your website conversion.

    1. Design and Architecture – the most important impact on your conversion rate; structure your website so each page targets a single keyword theme with the most relevant content just one click from the homepage


    1. Professional Photography – make sure your website reflects good quality pictures optimized for the web with a fast download time


    1. Consumer Generated Content – by allowing consumers to post their thoughts and opinions, you will build credibility both with the search engines and with prospective guests


    1. Integrated Online Booking engine – offer your visitors a booking option on every page of the website


    1. “Specials and Packages” Landing Pages – everyone is looking for a deal; consider using value added packages as a way to convert lookers to bookers

      Grand Velas Mockup


In conclusion, hotels can put more heads in beds by monitoring their website conversion rate with these simple changes. Once your site has achieved a conversion rate between 5-10%, your goals should move towards generating more relevant traffic from organic and social media optimization strategies.

Contributed by: Brad Brewer, Milestone Internet Marketing

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