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Marketing with Twitter Video

Facebook is not the only social channel that jumped on the video wagon. Twitter announced, January 2015, a new video feature allowing users (People and Business pages) to capture and share videos directly from the Twitter app. Twitter only allows 140 characters of content, adding video drastically increases the ability to unfold the conversation to boost your follower’s engagement, and increase your Twitter followers. Building strong authority on Twitter today is more crucial than ever due to the Twitter-Google Partnership, for both generating higher social influence and free organic reach. The unique feature lets users either capture 30 second videos and share them instantaneously or upload them from your mobile device.  To get the best out of the new Twitter video feature for your hotel, we recommend following some of the Twitter video best practices for the hospitality industry outlined below,

  • Reply to Tweets/posts via a short video, allows a personal level connection to followers
  • Share real-time events, Ex: weddings, conferences, property events, etc
  • Educational video, Ex: Top 5 things to do in the area, did you know (share interesting facts about the hotel, location, staff)
  • Ask Followers for user generated content by having them share their hotel experience via short video

Facebook Video Content



Contributed by:

Genoveva Petrova

Sr. Social Media Account Manager

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