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Foursquare and Gowalla: Geolocation Marketing

Nov 10, 2011   |   Digital Marketing Ideas, Getting Social
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Foursquare and Gowalla

Here are a few hyperlocal tips speakers shared during PubCon Las Vegas 2011.

Foursqure is like your new map. Here are the best strategies to market on foursquare

  1. Think about four squre special, deals
  2. Come up with Incentive offer for the Mayer
  3. Use Foursqure as a reputation management too.  See what are people, employees are saying.
  4. Get group rates if you check in with three or more friends
  5. Four squre tips, list do get index. Utilize four squre list, tips option to talk about things people might be search for. For example create 5 best places to dine, 5 things to do etc.

Other channels to focus on

  1. Facebook deals and checkins
  2. Google + profiles for business – Eventually google places data will be showing up on google + 1 business profile pages.

Overall Opportunities geolocation Marketing offers

  • Lead generation for physical businesses
  • Transaction Facilitation
  • Rewards and Loyalty Programs
  • Deal Distribution
  • Extension from website to real world

Speakers Matt Siltala, Brian Breslin and Kate Buck

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