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3 Tips for Expanding your Facebook Reach [Video]

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3 Tips for Expanding Facebook Reach [video]

Have you ever wondered how to reach more qualified users on Facebook with your messaging? As of August 2013, Facebook has over 1.15 billions users, making this powerhouse social channel an undeniable opportunity to increase your hotels’ or other businesses’ visibility and, more importantly, revenue. This short video gives 3 simple tips to expand your reach on Facebook.

Why should you expand your Facebook reach?

  1. Opportunity in the masses
  2. Limitations in speaking to your existing audience
  3. Valuable potential and existing customer insight
  4. Driving (the initiation of) the purchase decision

How to expand your reach

  1. Hashtags – Get your posts into larger conversations between users interested in similar topics. Just add the # symbol before a keyword or phrase.
  2. Graph Search – Learn more about the people who are interacting with your business, as well as what else they do in the larger social ecosystem so you can more effectively connect with them.
  3. Power social users – Identifying people who are influential about topics relevant to your business is key in increasing the reach of your messages. Connect with these people. Share what they like, and make yourself useful to them.

When leveraged correctly, Facebook can be an extremely powerful tool to get your message in front of new, qualified consumers. Getting your hotel in front of consumers even before they are thinking about traveling can help ensure that you are top of mind when it comes to making that crucial vacation or business trip decision.

Contributed by:
Mike Supple, Director of Social Media
Brittany Bingham, Social Media Team Lead Manager

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