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Facebook Advertising Embraced by Majority of Local Businesses

December 15, 2016
Social media and its impact on local advertising was the subject of a recent study done by Borrell Associates, a consulting firm that produces industry related advertising...

Voice Search: How Does Google Home Change SEO?

December 15, 2016
‘Tis the season to pick up the latest gadgets for your friends and family. This year, some of the hottest devices are hands-free assistants, such as the Amazon Echo, and the...

Millennials Have No (Mobile) Fear

December 14, 2016
Think With Google recently shared enlightening research on how Millennials are using mobile phones for travel purchases. How does their interactions compare to those over 35?...

Did Your Website Traffic Increase After the Google Algorithm...

December 1, 2016
Summary of three major Google algorithm updates, including Possum and Penguin, with an action item for each update. Understand how to take advantage of the latest Google algorithm...

Milestone’s Galexi CMS Can Now Power ADA Conforming Sites

November 29, 2016
Is your website ADA conforming? Milestone's CMS system can now create websites that conform with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), read to learn more about what this means...

Google Will Soon Implement Its Mobile-First Index

November 28, 2016
A recent story on Search Engine Roundtable reviewed new developments around Google’s “mobile-first” index, here’s how it might affect you. As a refresher, mobile-first...

Facebook Advertising, Taking Over Google Ads?

November 23, 2016
Is Facebook capable of competing with Google in regards to advertising for businesses? Facebook retargeting may have you allocating more money to this social platform....

How can you Optimize for Google’s Rankbrain?

November 10, 2016
Recently on Moz.com’s Whiteboard Friday Rand Fishkin discussed whether or not we should be optimizing for Google’s Rankbrain, and furthermore, is it even possible? His...

Google Announces Mobile First Index

October 26, 2016
The mobile-first index announcement is a huge step to a mobile-centric digital ecosystem – and is likely to impact many...