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Important Factors for Local Search Ranking Factors

Aug 20, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Local Search Ranking Factors

According to David Mihm, there are four most important factors for Local which affect ranking of your website in local search.

  1. Verifying local listing
  2. On Page and Off Page Listing
  3. Customer Review
  4. Traditional On page criteria – Least important criteria.

Greg Sterling, Director of Monetization, Facebook

Steve Espinosa, eLocal Listing
David Mihm,


1. Verify Local Listing.

Having verified local address is one of the most important factor. Local Listing has to be verified manually. This is one of the important ranking factor for local search. If a listing is verified say for Google, google has trust in this listing. By verifying the listing, we are making sure all the information we submitted to google is accurate. Be descriptive in your listings..

2. On Page and Off Page Listing.

  • On Page
    The listing has to be submitted to the right categories. Make sure to check the information regularly. If information is incorrect then override the incorrect information
    Upload relevant videos, images from youtube and flickr. Reference from youtube, flickr accounts is also important factors.

    Candlewood Extended Stay

  • Off Page
    List the business on major Internet Yellow pages.
    Data submitted to all the directories has to be accurate
    Make sure that citation (data about your business) from data provide is accurate. Business has to be accurately listed on major directories like Info USA, Super Pages, Yellow Pages, Yelp & Insider Pages.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews is another major factor for local. Good reviews help in building trust in the Business. Reviews in Trip Advisor, Yelp, Judy’s Book, City Search, Yahoo and other directories are very important. But it’s quality of the reviews and not the volume.
Traditional on page criteria

Try to make the page spider able, Include city name and state name in title page, put down the full address of the business with contact information in HTML format. Seo is about optimizing website and local seo is about optimizing locations.

In nutshell, We need to enhance quality of information available on the web by verifying it, fixing and adding more relevant content on the web.


Contributed by: Justin Varghese , Milestone Internet Marketing

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