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The Mysterious Case of Google’s Vanishing Local Packs?

May 30, 2023   |   Local Promotion, Local Search
The Mysterious Case of Google's Vanishing Local Packs?

The Mysterious Case of Google’s Vanishing Local Packs has left the SEO community in awe and speculation. Google, the search giant, seems to be quietly reducing the number of local pack results displayed for various search queries. This has caught the attention of the local SEO community, sparking curiosity, intrigue, and a sense of digital uncertainty.

A renowned voice in the local SEO sphere, Joy Hawkins, recently shed light on this intriguing finding in the Local Search Forums. Hawkins revealed her observations, stating that she has been monitoring search engine results pages (SERPs) for personal injury lawyer terms in Philadelphia, and has found it fascinating that many significant terms no longer consistently display local packs. 

Disappearing Local Packs

One concrete example shared by Hawkins involved the search query for “Philadelphia car accident lawyer.” Previously, this search would generate a local pack—a set of three local business listings that appear when users search for local services. However, when the query is modified to “NYC car accident lawyers,” the local pack reappears, seemingly like a digital Houdini. This suggests that specific location-specific queries are longer triggering the display of the local pack.

So, it appears that something is going on in the Google-verse. The exact reason behind this shift remains shrouded in mystery.

A Peek at Google Business Profile Performance Reports

If you closely monitor your Google Business Profile performance reports, you may notice this trend in a broader context. The reduction in local pack results has the potential to impact a business’s visibility and local traffic—two crucial factors for success. While change can be a bit unnerving, shifts in the SERP landscape are to be expected.

The Power of a Well-Balanced Digital Strategy

The Power of a Well-Balanced Digital Strategy

This situation underscores the significance of implementing a well-balanced omni-channel digital strategy. As Google takes away certain features, it also opens new opportunities. With fewer local results displayed, ensuring you have a well optimized paid advertising and organic search strategies becomes essential. To adapt to these changes and maintain a strong online presence, it is crucial to prioritize your SEO efforts. This involves not only optimizing your local listings but also enhancing your entire on-site experience.

Google’s vanishing local packs have sparked intrigue and speculation in the SEO community. While the exact cause remains unknown, by staying proactive and agile, businesses can navigate through the ever-evolving digital landscape and continue to drive towards their digital goals.

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