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Milestone Webinar_How Local Search Has Evolved

Webinar Recap: Tactics To Transform Your Local Search

February 25, 2021   |   Local Search, Webinar Recap
Milestone’s experts Emily Brady, Sr. Manager Local SEO Solution, and Erik Newton, VP of Marketing, discussed key local marketing strategies for 2021. Attendees can use the...
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Local-Marketing-Framework-Guide-For-Your-Business -, Milestone Inc.

Local Marketing Guide & Framework: A 5-step guide for your...

December 30, 2020   |   Local Search
Local marketing for businesses has evolved from the basic focus of UNAP and simple SEO to a more holistic approach to achieve online presence globally but more importantly, within...
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Top Local Strategies -, Milestone Inc.

Top Local SEO Strategies for 2021

December 25, 2020   |   Local Search
Think of the last time you made a search on Google for information on a service or a product. You typed out your query and the search engine delivered a local business result that...
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Building Your Hotel’s Digital Presence with Google My Business

Building Your Hotel’s Digital Presence with Google My Business

December 5, 2020   |   Hotel, Local Search, Web Design and Promotion
Modern hotels face several challenges as they work to build a strong business. Ample competition in their area, the rise of alternative accommodations when traveling, and poor...
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Milestone Reviews: The one-stop shop to manage your reputation, instill trust and improve your visibility online -, Milestone Inc.

Milestone Reviews: The One-Stop Shop to Manage Your Reputation,...

November 2, 2020   |   Local Promotion, Local Search, SEO
Over the last few years, consumer reviews have become an important aspect in the customer-buying journey for businesses online. Reviews assure potential customers of the product...
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Google November 2019 Update: Neural Matching and travel filters, Google improves its Local and Travel searches -, Milestone Inc.

Google November 2019 Update: Neural Matching and travel...

November 30, 2019   |   Local Search, Web Design and Promotion
While BERT stole the limelight of last month’s Google Updates, in November 2019, the search giant has been unrelenting in its quest to improve search for users. Google confirmed...
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Top 10 Tips to Impact Local Search Milestone Inc -, Milestone Inc.

Top 10 Tips to Impact Local Search

May 28, 2019   |   Local Search
The rollout of blended and universal search results offers phenomenal opportunities. Today, businesses can capture top and multiple page listings to saturate the golden triangle....
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Webinar Video: 2019 State of Local Search & How to Get Your Business In Front of Users -, Milestone Inc.

Webinar Recap: 2019 State of Local Search & How to Get Your...

April 18, 2019   |   Local Search, Webinar
Our April. 17 webinar covered the best strategies that location-based businesses (hotels, restaurants, banks, retailers, etc.) can implement in 2019, to bring customers into...
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How does Milestone make Yelp easier? -, Milestone Inc.

How to Improve Yelp Management and Results

June 27, 2018   |   Local Search
Milestone's combination of exceptional software and Yelp certified ads (YACP) partnership means you can finally make Yelp work for...
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Milestone Announces Milestone Pages: Schema-powered Local Pages for location-based businesses -, Milestone Inc.

Milestone Announces Milestone Pages: Schema-Powered Local Pages...

March 16, 2018   |   Local Search, SEO
Milestone’s Location Pages is a new solution designed to help location-based businesses with multiple locations highlight location information for...
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