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Internet Promotion – Where? Search Engines, Directories, Portals

May 31, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
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There are so many vertical lodging directories and engines that exist currently.
This is how we divide the Market share of Main Search Engines and regional, local, national, and Niche Portals /Directories.

  • Main Search Engines
  • Online Portals and Directories

Main Search Engines: Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Askjeeves

  • Google offers several submission tools such as Google local, Google free enrollement, Google PPC, Google contextual advertising, Froogle, and Google Main results etc.
  • Yahoo submission tools includes Yahoo directory, Yahoo local, Yahoo(Overture) PPC, Yahoo travel, Content match, Yahoo free inclusions and Paid inclusions through Search Submit etc.
  • MSN submission tools includes MSN bcentral directory, City search, MSN free inclusion, MSN travel, MSN shopping, Yahoo PPC, MSN shopping etc
  • AskJeeves is primarily a paid inclusion model.

To ensure that you have covered all the grounds, any business should be enrolled in all the submission tools offered by Main Search Engines.
Note: We have always asked this question. What about emails I get every day about get enrolled in 5000 Search Engines for just $20?

Ans. In our opinion, the internet marketing firms that offer such a service are using a ‘throw it at the wall and see if it sticks’ approach to something that requires pinpoint accuracy. They are usually only going to submit your home page, not all the other pages on your site. There are less than 10 major search engines, another 20 minor ones, and 4,470 that no one ever uses

Online Portals and Directories: Local, Regional, National, Niche
In order to build strong online visibility, it is very important to submit to as many relevant, reputed online directories as you can. Some of the good ones, which we recommend, are based on their ranking on Google. We suggest considering directories which has Google Page Rank of 5 or more. This is how we categories Online directories and Portals.

  • Local – Area universities, Chamber, CVB, Destination Portals, local attractions, sports clubs etc.
  • Regional – Directories / Travel Portals relevant to your region
  • National – Directories / Travel Portals relevant to your country
  • Niche – Group Travel, Meeting Planners, Spa, Weddings, Pet Friendly, AARP, Tag approved, Adventure Travel, Religious, Hospitals, Wineries, Vacation Getaways, B& B, Golf, Gambling, Park and Fly etc.

It is crucial to hand-submit in to the relevant Search Engines and Online Portals/ Directories to enruse complete online presense. Webpromotion is a process. More relevant listing and links you have for your site, more revenue your site will produce.

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