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Milestone BiFrost API: Driving Digital Experiences With Your Custom Large Language Model (LLM)

Custom Large Language Model (LLM)

In a landscape where customers are omnipresent, businesses require a scalable content generation solution – tailored to diverse touchpoints. Large Language Models (LLMs), harnessed through Gen AI, empower businesses to drive digital experiences by efficiently curating content types, and images, and generating schema for entity recognition – ensuring a seamless presence across search, websites, and social channels. 

However, navigating the LLM landscape poses some challenges for businesses. Which we’ll highlight.  

Challenges of Navigating the LLM Landscape 

In the past year, businesses have swiftly embraced Large Language Models (LLMs) as the cornerstone for Generation AI (Gen AI), and the LLM landscape is evolving rapidly. However, not all LLMs are created equal. Take, for instance, Google Vision API, which excels in bulk image analysis, unlike Azure Vision. When comparing Vertex API and Open AI, the content output varies based on prompts, making the desired outcome subjective and influenced by content type. Yet, challenges persist, notably in content recency and the emergence of hallucinations—unexpected or unintended outputs generated by AI models, often resulting in surreal or nonsensical content. As businesses navigate this dynamic landscape, understanding these nuances becomes crucial. 

Addressing the intricacies of recency, desired output precision, and mitigating hallucinations necessitates strategically integrating multiple Large Language Models (LLMs). However, the complexity deepens with diverse business use cases demanding a blend of custom and generic LLMs. For example, in sectors such as finance, where content exposure must align with rigorous regulatory and privacy standards, finding the right balance becomes paramount. Navigating this multifaceted landscape requires a nuanced approach to ensure optimal outcomes while adhering to industry-specific constraints.

The Solution: Milestone BiFrost API Gateway 

Milestone BiFrost API: Driving Digital Experiences With Your Custom Large Language Model (LLM)

Enter BiFrost, an API gateway that liaises between Milestone products, client applications, AI image analysis, and entity detection using Vision API or Azure Vision, and a multitude of LLM services – including Vertex and OpenAI. It unveils a generic, extensible API, liberating clients from the technical intricacies of integrating with an ever-expanding array of LLMs and image generators. 

With BiFrost, the complexities of working with LLMs are abstracted, requiring no additional setup for clients. What sets it apart is the ability for client applications to effortlessly harness multiple LLM engines simultaneously, with the flexibility to switch between models within an engine through simple API parameterization. BiFrost simplifies the integration process, empowering clients to navigate the dynamic landscape of LLMs effortlessly. 

Milestone BiFrost Key Takeaways in Enabling Digital Experiences  

1. Architecture

Our architectural design acts as a unified interface, streamlining the oversight and upkeep of diverse Natural Language Processing (NLP) AI engines across our product spectrum. Remarkably adept at managing thousands of concurrent, enduring requests, it achieves robust and efficient performance through the horizontal scaling of Kubernetes clusters. 

The process initiates with Azure Functions & Service Fabric App, operating as a background service that utilizes the Centralized NLP AI web API to generate output. The Web API, functioning as a Rest API Service, further leverages the Centralized NLP AI web API for business outputs. The Centralized NLP AI web API takes charge of consumer authentication, governs request limits and token quotas, calls the NLP AI service for content generation, and meticulously records data for audit purposes. The NLP AI Service, in turn, employs a range of AI services to craft content based on user prompts. Lastly, the Database serves as the repository for product preferences, logs requests and responses, and tracks token consumption alongside product-specific details. This comprehensive workflow ensures a seamless and efficient integration of NLP AI across our products. 

2. Customizing your LLM to drive digital experiences  

Effortlessly tailor your content to your brand voice using our multi-modal approach, including speech-to-text and text-to-image generation. By seamlessly integrating these diverse capabilities with Milestone applications and your existing content, we precisely align the output with your unique brand identity. Overcoming challenges of content recency and unexpected results, our technology middleware utilizes your up-to-date content for precision. 

For instance, with Milestone AI Content Studio, we create a variety of content types—from web copies to social posts—while maintaining brand consistency. Our platform gets to know your brand voice using snippets across various content pieces, ensuring future AI-generated content remains uniquely yours. To address unexpected outcomes and keep content current, we leverage a mix of tools and recent content, guaranteeing accuracy. Effortlessly switch between modalities and compare outputs on a single dashboard. 

3. Quality and Security 

With our AI/ML strategy, we constantly evaluate prompt performance to pinpoint areas for enhancement. Over time, we closely monitor the effectiveness of Large Language Models (LLMs), identifying the necessity for switches based on factors such as content relevance, response time, novelty, and authority. Our commitment to security ensures rigorous access controls and thorough auditing of prompt usage. Trust in our meticulous approach to maximize efficiency and security in your AI interactions. 

4. Metrics 

Tailoring our approach to meet the needs of businesses and agencies, we gather comprehensive usage metrics across various dimensions such as products, businesses, and users. These metrics enable us to efficiently manage scalability and serve as valuable insights for shaping pricing and billing structures. Your success is our priority, and these metrics play a crucial role in ensuring our services align seamlessly with your requirements. 

In summary, Milestone BiFrost delivers a revolutionary and simplified experience with Large Language Models (LLMs) and multi-modal capabilities. It guarantees a seamless content generation journey, precisely capturing brand voice and tone. The extra value comes from robust security measures, ensuring peace of mind, and detailed usage metrics that empower businesses with insights for peak performance. This holistic solution positions Milestone BiFrost as an asset, streamlining LLM usage and elevating overall business efficiency in driving digital experiences 

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