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Google Local Business Center New Dashboard

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Google Local Business Center

The new feature allows business owners to track local listing traffic and to help in optimizing the local listing.

Here are some of the important new features of Local Business Center:

1.Google Local Business center dashboard is easy to navigate and offers plenty of useful information for business owner in form of report.

Tracking Graph

New Dashboard Features:

  • a. Impression and Actions graph: Impression shows how many times your listing appeared either via Google local maps or via search as local listing. While Action Graph shows how many times user were interested for your listing and clicked on your listing.
  • b. Top search Query: It shows the most recent keywords that drove traffic to your site..Also, it provides number of impressions for each keyword. It is updated frequently so it is helpful for business owner in figuring out top search query.
  • c. Where driving directions requests come from: Feature shows from which region, with zip code, driving directions requests were being made. Also, it shows number of requests by region, with zip code.
  • d. Your business info: Here you are able to see your business information in detail.

2. New dashboard offers help options under “Improve your listing” option as shown below.

Tracking Graph

Here some quality guidelines for business listings as described in Google local help center.

  • a. Local listing information should be accurate and matched with website information. For example business name, phone number, address should be accurate.
  • b. Submit only one listing for one physical location. However, if you find out more than one listing for same location you can claim the listing and also you can remove duplicate listing. Also, Google local listing allows you to submit international business even though your required country option is not available. For more information go to:
  • c. Listing title should include business name but make sure to not include extra keywords, phone number, and URL into title.
  • d. Category is integral part on the listing. Pick a relevant category that describes your business very clearly and relates to your business. E.g. if you are an owner of a “Hotel” you can submit your business under “Travel – Hotels,” “Travel – Motels,” “Travel – Accommodation,” “Travel – Lodging” etc. categories instead of just choosing “Travel” category.
  • e. Description should describe your business more in detail. Provide all vital information on Google local listing; for example for hotel listing: “Hotel Chain,” “Nearest Location,” “Number of Rooms,” “Amenities,” “Check-in and check-out time,” “Payment Options,” etc.

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