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Google Local Maps for International Businesses

Mar 31, 2009   |   Web Design and Promotion
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International Businesses

Contributed by Christy Smith

Say you have a hotel located in Costa Rica and you have a great SEO optimized site with great pictures, content and a video. Your site is appearing all of the Search Engine Results Pages and you are getting a lot of clicks to the site, but as soon as you search on Google Maps, it’s like your hotel doesn’t even exist.

Although Google may not have the Google Local Business Center available for the country, you can go ahead and create your own map on Google Local. Start by going to

  1. Enter query in search box of the location of the property or business in which you would like to add to Google Local. It’s best to use the exact address of your business instead of a region or area.
  2. Find your property from the available results and click on the one you want to edit.
  3. Click on Save to my maps on right hand side of the map and as shown below for this hotel in Costa Rica.
  4. Select Saved to My Places so that you can edit information on the map place marker.
  5. Next, enter the title or name of the property and description under My Saved Places. Make sure to select public otherwise this information will not be shared with other people.
  6. Once you have finished click on save and then click on done.
  7. Then click on edit on right column on the map to edit the description on the map, the details, phone, website address etc.
  8. Once you are happy with all the information, click done.

By adding your business to Google Maps you can get your map listed with the most vital information that the user will need to access. In addition you can provide a link to the actual website so the searcher can find out more information.

Overall being able to add information and have a place marker for your business will benefit you in the long run and is better than having no map listing at all. By following these simple steps above you will be on your way to creating a dynamic map listing and start appearing on Google Maps for your international business location.

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