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Stay up-to-date on the digital marketing strategies, techniques, and technology that impact your business. From websites, SEO, social, local, paid, the Milestone blog will help you manage digital transformation and optimize the digital experience. Learn the latest on schemas, AMP, Core Vitals, Local, reviews, and more.
Trends Impacting Online Search

Trends Impacting Online Search

November 12, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
We have compiled a list of trends that are continuing to impact online search. Stephan Spencer, Greg Boser, and Mike Grehan provide...
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Solutions to In-House SEO

PubCon Session: Solutions to In-House SEO, PPC & Campaigns

November 11, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
The session “In-House SEO, PPC & Campaigns” offered tips on how best to build a team that can combine efforts to collaboratively reach marketing goals and optimize the website...
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How to hire an SEO Milestone Inc

How to Hire an SEO – Salaries, Types & Titles

November 11, 2010   |   SEO
The session “How to Hire an SEO – Salaries, Types, and Titles” helped show inside information to the SEO industry and the ideal SEO...
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SEO Trends and Industry Update from Google Milestone Inc

SEO Trends and Industry Update from Google

November 11, 2010   |   SEO
Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google, gave a keynote speech at PubCon 2010 about what Google has been up to for the last year, where it is going, and quick tips everyone...
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SMART Keyword Research

Conducting SMART Keyword Research

November 10, 2010   |   Conversion Best Practices
Everyone needs to know the ABC's of SMART keyword research and know how to take advantage of opportunities. You'll find that here along with a few helpful keyword research tools...
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Google Boost Ads

Google Boost Ads – Local Business Advertising Placement

November 1, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
Google recently launched its new location-based ad feature named Google Boost. The location-based ad will show up in the sponsored links section. This product is currently in beta...
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Usability Testing

Usability Testing

Tim Ash spoke at SES Chicago and gave some tips on testing the usability of a website to be able to make appropriate changes in real...
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Twitter: the Search Engine

Twitter: the Search Engine

October 14, 2010   |   Getting Social, Web Design and Promotion
Twitter search queries are up in number, making it not only a friendly social media channel, but a competitive search engine as...
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Social Media and Real-Time Search

How Social Media and Real-Time Search Can Impact your SEO

August 26, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
Customers can now get even fresher suggestions to find the latest and most relevant content for their search. Getting real-time suggestions is part of Yahoo!'s latest...
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Web Design at SES San Francisco

Eye Tracking Usability and Neuromarketing Research to Improve...

August 20, 2010   |   Web Design and Promotion
At SES San Francisco 2010, the "eye tracking usability and neuromarketing research" session was focused on improving your website layout and design to enhance visitors' online...
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