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Top 5 Ways to Win Market Share & Generate High ROI from Mobile

Jun 20, 2016   |   Digital Marketing Ideas
Top 5 Ways to Win Market Share & Generate High ROI from Mobile -, Milestone Inc.

Mobile marketing is, and will remain, the new black for businesses! As per the recent forecast, the mobile market size is expected to grow from USD 28.63 Billion in 2016 to USD 98.85 Billion by 2021 with major growth coming from the increasing number of mobile phone users, high internet speed, and increasing use of mobile web and applications.

Here are the top 5 things a business should understand and implement in order to stay ahead and successfully capture the desired digital market share, along with generating highest ROI from mobile.

  1. Design for Mobile First
  2. Write unique content for mobile screens
  3. Target right channels for promotion on mobile
  • Mobile Friendly Links: To boost your SEO efforts, ensure that all the links your business is getting, in 2016 and moving forward, are mobile friendly. This also includes any PR activity or local events that are done at the hotel level.
  • Mobile Optimized PPC Campaigns: Mobile optimized paid marketing campaigns are quick ways, unlike organic link building, for saturating your mobile presence and driving high ROI.
  • Mobile Optimized Paid Social Campaigns: This is one of the fastest growing advertising segments that offers promising results for businesses and hence targeting ads for mobile users on Facebook & Twitter can add significantly to the ROI.
  1. Track all the soft and hard conversions on mobile website
    – Most of the time when we talk about conversion, we usually think about how many booking did I receive from the booking engine. This method of measuring ROI is old school as when users are on mobile devices they might now be using the booking engine in all cases to buy your services or products. Therefore, it is important to track all the below listed conversion items in GA:

    1. Clicks on call us button
    2. Clicks on booking engines
    3. Clicks on email us
    4. Clicks on message – SMS (if applicable)
    5. Clicks on RFP
  1. Measure the impact and ROI of the above efforts
    –  Integrate your Google Analytics account with Google Search Console so that you can see the full customer journey and impact on traffic which starts from impressions, clicks, CTR (available from GSC) and engagement, bounce rate and hard conversions (available from GA).

Here is an example of the impact of the Google mobile algorithm (April 27th 2016) on Milestone clients. We have observed this trend across 99% of our clients with mobile friendly website and a mobile centric strategy.

Google Update -, Milestone Inc.

Contributed by: Kanika Thakran, Senior SEO Manager

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