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Finally, Twitter Implements the New Character Counts

Sep 19, 2016   |   Getting Social, Industry News
Twitter-blog -, Milestone Inc.

Twitter took the internet with much excitement today by making live some rather important changes. Starting today (September 19th, 2016), any media attachments like photos, videos, polls will no longer be counted towards Twitter’s character count limits. Twitter is also testing an option where corporate handles “@handles” will be excluded from the character count when a user replies to a tweet. These changes to the tweet structure were announced in May 2016 but the actual changes were finally made live today.

Twitter Social Anouncement -, Milestone Inc.


How Does this Impact Users?
Hospitality businesses can take advantage of this opportunity by showcasing rich content even more and unleash their creativity. It is often said that images sell rooms, you are now able to add media without taking away characters.  Also, now you can have longer conversations, as the username will not take up valuable characters.  If you use Milestone’s social media management software platform, MediaConnect360, simply start typing as the system is ready for the longer character count today.   Below is our “extended” tweet for this article, eager to see if the longer tweets result in more engagement.

Twitter Update -, Milestone Inc.

If you are not already using a social media platform, research your options as users are increasingly going to social sites for the latest information from businesses- i.e. hours of operation, daily specials, and local events. MediaConnect360 has helped many hotels efficiently organize their social media strategies, processes, and content and increase their social reach. If you are interested in reaching your users across social channels contact us, read additional social posts on our blog, and/or browse our website.

Contributed by: Gaurav Varma, Product Marketing Manager and Sara Linton, Product Marketing Specialist

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