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Milestone CMS Page Studio: Deploy 100s to 1000s of Pages with Ease

Milestone CMS Page Studio: Deploy 100s to 1000s of Pages with Ease

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape ‘speed and scale’ is the name of the game. When deploying web pages at scale, businesses seek to minimize time and effort while maintaining quality. Multi-location enterprise businesses have hundreds if not thousands of webpages to update and maintain, and this can become an extremely time-consuming task.

Deploying web pages across locations for multiple products or services is currently heavily reliant on development teams that need to maintain their focus on more pressing tasks that require their technical expertise. Marketing teams that usually handle page deployment do not carry the technical expertise required for web page deployment at scale.

A Content Management System (CMS) that can merge the great user experience that no-code website builders offer with enterprise-grade functionalities, such as a centralized Digital Asset Manager (DAM) that optimizes digital assets, advanced SEO to drive visibility on search, centralized user workflows management, and distributed authoring capabilities to manage content across locations, etc., is the need of the hour.

Introducing Milestone CMS’s Page Studio: An easy no-code website page builder

At the core of Milestone Page Studio is the principle of scalability and simplicity. By merging the ease-of-use that no-code website builders provide with the powerful features of enterprise grade website builders, we have allowed any team to deploy webpages for enterprise grade businesses in no time, thereby enhancing page deployment independence for marketing, content, and SEO teams.

How did we do it?

While developing Page Studio the user has been considered at every step of the way from the user experience to the powerful technology and architecture supporting it.

A user-centric workflow

Using our existing enterprise-grade CMS as the base, we built upon it. Page Studio seeks to make the user experience of building powerful scalable websites seamless for any user. By using content blocks to add and remove website content we made the user’s workflow simple to understand. By developing features like:

  • Web page control: Save as draft, preview, publish, clone, edit and delete
  • Design creation: Predesigned component library to choose a page design on the go
  • Layout creation: One-click section creation
  • Content control: On-page component editor
  • Location Management: Role based moderation workflow

We have drastically reduced the dependence on development teams for page deployment.

We have drastically reduced the dependence on development teams for page deployment

Technology behind a great user experience

Scalability is at the core of the technology that supports Page Studio. By providing features, like clone pages, drag-and-drop functionalities, and preview and publish options, users can now create hundreds of webpages across their website in no time with no developer dependence. Our existing enterprise-grade distributed authoring system ensures workflows for businesses are managed across locations efficiently.

The architecture of Milestone Page Studio takes a microservices approach to ensure that the features are independent yet interact with other features seamlessly. This allowed us to scale the features, ensure it’s future-proof, and offer the flexibility any business would desire.

Milestone Page Studio offers complete independence for business owners and marketers to create new pages in a flash without any coding expertise. What used to take hours for a development team now takes a couple of minutes for any user.

To know more about Milestone CMS Page studio, contact us at [email protected] or call us at 408-200-2211.

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