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Importance of Schema

In The Grand Schema of Things: Does Schema Boost Search Rank?

May 29, 2014   |   SEO
The goal of search engines is to deliver the right result to the right user at the right time. Search engines are moving away from displaying results purely based on keyword...
Keyword Research Tools & Techniques

Keyword Research Tools & Techniques for SEO Success

February 27, 2014   |   SEO
The SMX West 2009 session for “Keyword Research Tools & Tactics” featured speaker Christine Churchill from KeyRelevance. Christine spoke about the basics of keyword...
Duplicate Content

Duplicate Content and Effect on SEO Visibility, Rank and Traffic

January 29, 2014   |   Industry News
Due to the tremendous amount of questions Milestone has received regarding duplicate content, we wanted to take this opportunity to discuss the top three questions and how to...
Hello Hummingbird! [Video]

Hello Hummingbird! [Video]

December 11, 2013   |   Industry News, Speaking Our Minds, Videos
Google's Hummingbird delivers users highly relevant results no matter how or where they search...
SMX Advanced Q&A

SMX Advanced Q&A with Matt Cutts: Ranking, Penalties,...

June 14, 2013   |   Speaking Our Minds
Learn more about ranking, penalties and mobile during the Q&A session with Google's Matt Cutts at SMX...
The Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors
Semantic Search Simplified and Decoded

Semantic Search Simplified and Decoded

July 30, 2012   |   Web Design and Promotion
Semantic search works to understand a searcher’s intent and the contextual meaning of a search rather than simply the keywords. In other words, search engines such as Google...
SES San Francisco

SES San Francisco: Semantic Search – Increase Engagement...

June 26, 2012   |   Speaking Our Minds
Google is making a big move toward semantic search results. Sit in on this session by our President and Founder, Benu Aggawal as she explains how and why to change your content,...
Google rolls out semantic

Google rolls out semantic understanding to search results

March 20, 2012   |   Industry News
A recent article in the Wall Street Journal announced Google’s new “semantic search”, which will better assess the context of search queries and provide more relevant...
Understand Search Intent

How Personas Help Understand Search Intent

At SMX West 2012, Michael King with Publicis Modem discussed how important it is to bring search and social together to maximize reach and ROI....