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Webinar Video: How Google’s BERT update impacts your digital strategy.

Nov 21, 2019   |   Webinar
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Watch and share the video, and download the slides.

Google’s recent BERT update is its biggest in 5 years after Rankbrain. According to Google it will impact 10% of all queries and is one of the biggest steps forward in the history of search. In this presentation Milestone shares real examples of BERT’s impact, and guide you through 5 steps to prepare you for BERT. Milestone‘s President – Benu Aggarwal, and Head of Products – Sathya Krishnamurthy delivered this webinar on Thu, November 21st with the goal of spreading knowledge and practical tips to upgrade your digital assets and be ready for BERT, conversational content, and voice search.



Benu Aggarwal

President, Founder
Milestone Inc.


Sathya Krishnamurthy

Head of Products
Milestone Inc.


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