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Benu Aggarwal a Featured Speaker at SMX November 9th and 10th

Oct 13, 2021   |   SEO, Webinar
Benu Aggarwal a Featured Speaker at SMX November 9th and 10th

Milestone founder and President Benu Aggarwal will lead a session on why Entity Search Is Your Competitive Advantage. She will be speaking with industry veterans Bill Hunt of Back Azimuth and Dixon Jones of DHJ Ventures.

They will cover entity search, schema gaps, and intent queries to give marketers direction to create comprehensive content, solid architecture, and a roadmap for choosing the right entities for any domain. You’ll hear brand case studies and discover a step-by-step process to help improve the share of visibility and leads. Plus, you’ll connect the dots between entity search and an amazing user experience.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand why an entity-first strategy is critical today
  • Roll out entity search for global sites to gain maximum visibility
  • Measure effectiveness of entity search and share of visibility
  • Effectively scale entity first strategy

Why should marketers care about entity search and what opportunity does it present?

Entities are the topics and things that internet content describes, and by breaking it down into its basic units of meaning and the connections between them is how search engines index what they crawl on the internet. The entities are stored in the knowledgebase and companies like Google run use machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand query intent and map content to those queries.

Getting entity search right involves most of the elements of digital experience, planning, mapping content, selecting media, layout, and links. And this session will show you what you can do to appeal to both search engines and human consumers.

There will be four tracks: SEO, PPC, Solutions 1, Careers. Industry veterans, like Eric Enge of Pilot Holding will discuss how to use AI to support your SEO success, among dozens of sessions. Workshops will be led by Jessica Bowman, Michael Brenner, Bruce Clay, Brad Geddes, Eric Enge, and Colleen Harris.

You can sign up for the online SMX Next and get full access to the sessions and the workshops for just $249 through October 14.

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