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Webinar Video: Digging into ADA

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Milestone has been watching the interpretation of ADA and websites develop for the last 5 years.

PDFs needs to be accessible to conform and comply with the ADA

The links below will give you an access page for the webinar recording.

Your questions answered:

Is there a full list of ADA requirements?

For those of you who were looking for a full list of ADA requirements, you’ll find a comprehensive guide here on W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative site

Is there any tool we can use to see if our site meets ADA requirements?

We like the WAVE web accessibility evaluation tool developed by WebAIM. They have Chrome and Firefox browser extensions as well.

What about websites built from WordPress?

You can definitely build ADA conforming sites on WordPress, but like any other platform, you need to pay attention to the design and programming to ensure conformance. Not all plugins will be ADA conforming.

What if we do not own our own website? (3rd party websites)

This one is a bit tricky, but here’s our take on it. If the websites are entirely owned and run by another company, then that company is responsible for making the site ADA conforming, and will be potentially liable. If these companies are representing you in an official capacity, then you may also potentially be liable, so you should have that discussion with the 3rd party about ensuring your content is accessible.

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