Paid Marketing Optimization Drives Revenue In Conversion Funnel [Webinar Recap]

Published: Mar 30, 2016

Milestone, in cooperation with Google, was proud to present this webinar about paid marketing and how it fits into today’s complex travel conversion funnel. In this webinar we discussed how mobile and 24×7 connectivity has changed the way hospitality businesses advertise. We discussed the latest paid marketing strategies for each stage of the digital customer journey, highlighting which factors contribute the most to increasing revenues.

Key Highlights:

  • The traditional paid marketing buying funnel has changed
  • Mobile presence is important in catering to traveler micro-moments
  • Relevant content focused on user intent is important
  • Understanding how each channel works for your individual business is key to your success

Please contact us today with any questions about optimizing your digital marketing campaigns to meet the demands of today’s online consumer, or (408)-492-9055.

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