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Link Building

Oct 25, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Traditionally, links are hard to obtain. But with link bait, you “bait” your content and sit back, wait and reel them in. Of course, you can be proactive and get a viral story going, too. For example, MarketLeap and have done an amazing job of creating links with their link popularity calculator. A lot of people are linking to MarketLeap because of this innovative tool. This is a great example of link bait. Strong content always serves as tasty link bait. Breaking news, where to go, what to do, and a “How-to-Guide” are all good examples of baiting. And there’s more!

The new twist in link baiting is in social bookmarking. Whether you use Digg ( or ( or you’ve got pictures (using, you should always tag any great content you have. Tags are no more than one-word bookmarks, just like the kind you have on Internet Explorer or Mozilla, but you put those bookmarks online, where others can share them. If your content is compelling and you’ve tagged it, more people are likely to see it, tag it, and/or link to it . . . and there’s your link bait!

So, how does link bait help your SEO?

– It creates more links to your site, which really helps your rank on the search engines. Furthermore, the links come to you – you don’t have to get on your knees and beg.

– It creates more links to your site, which send potential customers your way. After all, the whole purpose of SEO – coming up high in the search engines – is about reaching more people.

Remember, Link Building should be an integral part of your online promotional strategy. Until the search engines find other sites linking to you, they will not treat your site with enough authority to secure organic (not paid) rankings.

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