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How to Secure a Higher Ranking on Search Engines – Top 10 Tips

Oct 25, 2019   |   SEO
How to Secure a Higher Ranking on Search Engines -, Milestone Inc.

Want to secure a higher ranking for your website on search engines? Here are Milestone’s latest tips that really get the job done!

Nurture existing authorityIf you need to do some work on your site, do not automatically delete old pages or get a new domain. Any authority built into that page or domain gets lost without a proper redirect. Instead, see if you can improve the existing content to boost its authority. If it absolutely has to be deleted, make sure you set up a redirect to a new page that will also help customers looking for that content so you don’t lose the authority and that you do not have broken links on your site. 

Create a secure domain
Google has expressed a preference for sites with a secure HTTPS domain for a few years now, and customers also receive notifications when entering a site without this level of security. If you did not transition to HTTPS earlier, make sure you do now.

Focus on building authority and demonstrating expertise
Google and other search engines want to display to users websites that have a high level of trustworthiness and authority. Sites produced by brands and contributors that have a high level of expertise have a higher standing than sites that lack these qualities. Build your site’s authority with thought leadership, making your qualifications clear, producing original research, and working to establish both the reputation of the brand and the individual contributors. 

Qualitative Links not Quantitative
Backlinks to your site provide definite value for your page, as they help to establish your authority through other websites. If other quality sites linked to your domain, then that is a vote of approval and supports your own reputation. However, when working to build backlinks, remember to focus on qualitative links, not quantitative ones. It is better to have fewer high-quality links than large numbers of poor-quality links. 

Build a presence across the web
Your website cannot exist in a vacuum. Customers today engage with brands across multiple areas on the web including social media, search engines, and mobile apps. Make sure that you have a strong presence across the web by building up social pages that have an engaged community and taking the time and effort on your SEO. Consider using paid campaigns to further build your presence on social media and search engines as well.

Demonstrate expertise in your content and who you link to
Your content should reflect the expertise that you want to broadcast to your audience. Original research and thought leadership helps to attract positive attention to your brand. Linking out to high-quality sites helps to lend support to your own material and bolster the ideas you publish. Getting high quality links is even better.

Monitor competitor’s digital strategy
As you build your own marketing strategy, it also helps to monitor what your competitors do. Note any important terms or questions that they rank highly for that you do not. See if they have uncovered new ways to engage your mutual target audience, such as a big push on YouTube that seems to bring them considerable success. Track your comparative market share to gain an objective look at how you perform compared to them. 

Market yourself
Encourage both new and past customers to engage with your brand through your digital presence. On your website, let people know the social platforms that you actively use and encourage them to follow you. Social pages should regularly help customers find new content you publish and new products you release. When you interact with people in person, promote your website and social pages on everything from pamphlets to business cards so customers know exactly where to find you online. 

Produce regularly fresh content
Provide customers and followers with regular opportunities to return to your site with fresh, high-quality content. Take the time to research questions that matter to your customers and what people want to know about the brands they might buy from. Produce material that helps them see you as a helpful resource and casts you as the source of information they need as they investigate the solution to their problem.

Building an online presence can bolster your sales and create a strong brand reputation for your organization. As you begin to look for ways to increase your visibility and secure a higher ranking on search engines, consider how these tips can help you make the progress you want to see.

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