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10 Steps Towards Building Backlinks and Link Popularity

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10 Steps Towards Building Backlinks and Link Popularity -, Milestone Inc.

Link popularity is an important part of technical SEO combined measure of the number and the quality of links that are pointing to your website. In other words, how many other sites considered your site to be important enough to link to it?

Backlinks can also help give your SEO a boost. When multiple other sites that Google considers reputable then link to your site, it helps to give your site a vote of confidence as well. Since the search engine wants to find and display sites that are authoritative and trustworthy, this will be a point in your favor. 

  1. Produce original content and research – Producing quality original content and research can encourage backlinks to your site. You help to establish yourself as an authority in the field and provide people with something new and of substance to evaluate and engage with on your site. 
  2. Secure Quality Links – The links that will genuinely help your SEO are those that come from reputable other sites. You want backlinks because they help to establish your organization’s position in the digital ecosystem. When other quality brands link to you, and you link other quality brands, it helps to show that customers and search engines should trust you. Never turn to easy, payable means to secure backlinks. It will never help and could even hurt your brand.
  3. Promote your content on social and email to build interest – When you publish new content, let your audience know about it. Promote it on social media and send it to the relevant segments on your email list. This helps to bring in clicks and engagement, which will in turn build the visibility of your piece. By helping those most likely to be interested in the piece to find it, you will also boost your chances of gaining some backlinks.
  4. Make sure your site is listed on relevant databases  – Any relevant databases for your organization should have your attention. Sites like Yelp or Google My Business, where people turn to look for companies, should have accurate information. All of these opportunities to build your online presence will encourage people to take your material seriously. If you include links to your main website from these databases, you also help to boost traffic, even if the links themselves are marked ‘nofollow’. In the long term, this will increase backlinks from other sources. 
  5. Write guest posts for industry publications – Industry publications provide an excellent means of reaching interested audience members. Writing guest posts allows you to establish yourself as an authority in the business while also providing you with opportunities to link back to your site a few times. You can let others know about any original research, products, or thought leadership you have as well, which will further encourage industry respect and backlinks.
  6. Have a consistent brand experience – As customers encounter your brand across different spaces in the digital ecosystem, make sure they have a consistent brand experience. Providing them with high-quality content, helpful links, and expertise regardless of whether they engage on your site, social media, or Yelp will help them remember your organization and seek you out when learning more about your industry.
  7. Watch for people citing your material – Monitor for people citing your material. As you begin to produce high-quality research and original thought leadership, you will start to have others pay attention to what you have to say. If you see others citing your material, you can reach out to them and ask for a backlink to your particular site. 
  8. Build your industry authority –  Industry authority will encourage everyone from Google to customers searching online to take your material seriously. Focusing on trustworthy material and original content can help you build a digital reputation, which in turn encourages higher ranking and more traffic. As this grows, so too will people linking back to your site. 
  1. Participate in industry events and community events – Community events, such as sponsoring local charity events, can help you get your brand out in front of members of your local community and create positive associations with your brand. You can get backlinks from promotional materials and mentions in a variety of different forms of press. Similarly, industry events, such as conferences or webinars, will further broadcast your authority, encourage links to your site from the host’s site, and entice others to seek out what you have to say. 
  2. Write Article/ Press Releases – Well-written articles on the various press release sites can also benefit your brand. If you are hosting a new event, announcing a new product launch, or otherwise want to raise awareness about important happenings in your company, take advantage of the potential of press releases. These releases will help you build enthusiasm around your announcement and provide you with links back to your site.

Backlinks and link popularity play an important role in SEO by helping to establish your site as a trustworthy resource. Using these ten strategies will encourage others to link to your site, with the entire campaign working together to lift your brand and cast you as an authority.

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