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Insights in Universal Web Design – An Interview with Shari Thurow

Mar 25, 2014   |   Videos, Web Design and Promotion
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Insights in Universal Web Design - An Interview with Shari Thurow

Founder and SEO Director of Omni Marketing Interactive, Shari Thurow has been designing websites almost 20 years and is pioneer in search friendly design. At the recent Search Marketing Expo West in San Jose, Benu Aggarwal, president of Milestone Internet Marketing, caught up with Shari for an interview. She shared her insights into the latest design trends and the universal principles that engage users and search engines. “Most people think that search engines and users are universally opposed,” she opened the conversation. “Search engines want what searchers want.”

Check out the full video of Benu’s informative talk with Shari Thurow, and see how crisp, clear, user friendly design can change the way you communicate.

Five Simple Rules of Web Design

Shari Thurow gave her top five rules for web design, that apply across desktops, tablets, laptops and mobile devices. In her fun, straightforward approach she shared her thoughts on content, navigation, communication and the harmony of humans of technology. (Not in that order.)

  1. Easy To Read Content: “If people can’t read your content, they are not gonna click on your link, link to you, or site you socially. Can’t read it, can’t use, forget it.”
  2. Easy to Navigate: “People abandon websites if they can’t navigate it.”
  3. Easy To Find: “Once people arrive at your site, your content has to be easy to find. They need to see keywords, and they want to see pictures and video when they want to see them.”
  4. Consistency of Design & Layout: “Consistently communicate the same information to humans as well as technology. Communicate trust and credibility. Have a consistent layout and design in terms of clickable text and images.
  5. Download / Perception: “Humans are more important than technology. If you’re going make it easy and quick to download to humans, you’re going to make it quick to download for technology.”

The SMX West conference featured 60 sessions, workshops, clinics, boot camps, and keynotes on paid search, SEO, social media marketing, and mobile search, including a keynote address by Google Search Chief Amit Singhal. Find out more at
Contributed by:
Benu Aggarwal, Founder and President

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