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How to secure higher ranking on Search Engines – Top 10 Tips

Oct 25, 2006   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Want to secure higher ranking for your website on search engines? Here are Milestone’s latest tips that really get the job done!

Old Domain Verses New Domain – If you have an old domain and have page rank built for the domain, it is better to keep that domain than buying a new one.

Multiple Domain – We suggest securing one domain rather than securing two domains. It is important to build equity for one domain so that all the links pointing back will only point back to one domain. If you need to move from old domain to new domain, I would suggest transferring the online equity build on your old domain to your new domain.

Ideal URL – We suggest putting the name of the city or region as the first part of your hotel’s URL. Until you are, surfers will not go online and type the exact domain name to look for you. They will likely type out the entire name of your hotel in the search engine to look for you. It you have enough links coming back to your site and the site is created properly, your independent/franchise site should be the very first one in the search results.

Qualitative Links not Quantitative – Search engines always favor sites which are securing quality (expert) links from relevant sites. It’s not how many links are pointing back to you, but how many links with higher Page Rank from relevant sites are pointing back to you that increases your search ranking. Securing links from relevant websites with a Page Rank higher than yours is key!

Securing Non Biased Links – Securing non-biased links from articles, social Networking Sites, and Travel Blogs,, Trip Advisor, Travel Blog, Yahoo! Travel, and City Search, YouTube etc. helps you secure a higher ranking. Incentivize your customers to leave reviews for you online (only good ones) with your main attractions as part of the review. Your goal is to secure reviews that are content rich for search engines. Secure editorial (expert links) from article sites and search engines by submitting destination specific articles.

Securing Links from .edu Site and .gov Sites – .Edu and .gov sites are considered authoritative sites by search engines, and are given higher weight in terms of relevancy. Securing links pointing back to you from these sites will also classify you as an expert site and can secure higher ranking.

New Ways of Doing Online Sales Calls – A good way to find the best sites to secure links from is to go to Click on their Link Popularity tool and type two or three URLs of your competitors as well as your own URL. Once you run the link popularity check, it will show you who is linking to your competitors and who is linking to you. It even breaks down links by search engine. You can click on every site your competitor is securing links from and approach that site to get your own link. This is a handy start for obtaining links and boosting your competitiveness.

Promote Your Website Address – Be sure to include your website address on all your sales collateral, advertising campaigns, email signatures, music on-hold, business cards and anything that represents your hotel or company!

Link Baiting – Link Baiting is just like fishing. You publish a new page on a most searched topic and set it free on the web. Hopefully others will pick up on the content as being fresh and interesting and link to it. The article is the bait, and the link is the catch. So, go fish! Read More

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