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Competitive Intelligence, Am I Doing it Right [Webinar Recap]

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The Milestone team presented an educational webinar, Competitive Intelligence, Am I Doing it Right, to highlight areas of your performance and your competitor’s performance to monitor. Digital marketers need to measure their site speed, keywords, paid campaigns, social shares, directories and more to understand their overall performance. As we live in a connected world, your marketing is also connected and needs to be closely monitored for impact across channels. Understanding your competitor’s weaknesses will allow you to gain more traffic, and ultimately revenue. The webinar highlights not only what you need to monitor, but introduces a new technology, Intellistar, that will allow you to instantly monitor and understand your performance in regards to your competition.  No more countless hours spent on various tools to understand you digital presence!  Everyone who attended this webinar live received a complimentary Intellistar Digital Presence Audit, if you were unable to attend, but would like this audit please contact us directly.

Thank you to Dao Phung and Courtney Willingham who hosted the webinar and everyone who joined!

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