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How to get the most out of Back Links!

Feb 29, 2008   |   Web Design and Promotion
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Secrets & Strategies behind Back Linking:

The Misconception:
When the main concern is ranking high on Google, a common misconception most people have is that the more links they have pointing to their site, the better they will be. However, this is not the case, the reality should be focused on the quality of the links and not the amount of links.

Are you getting the most value out of your current links?

A majority of people overlook valuable current links that have the ability to be fine tuned and provide a greater value. The first step in fine tuning these current links is locating them. You can reveal these links through the Milestone Tool. After finding all the links that are pointing to your site, I would recommend to check the following items:

  • Is your anchor text keyword rich?
  • Is the link pointing to a relevant landing page?
  • Is the link placed in an optimal position (this means is the link surrounded by relevant content)

Finding new links & establishing relationships:
After getting the most out of your current links; the next step would be finding quality sites or directories, and building a relationship with the webmaster. In order to build a healthy relationship, there must be some value or benefits that you will provide to them (In most cases this value will be monetary.)  Once this relationship has been established, and you have a good contact person for the website, you can now enhance your backlinks by utilizing the following tips:

  • Have variations of your anchor text
  • Get deep links to multiple subpages of your site
  • Get links from within the content of their site
  • Get links from several different pages of their site

If these tips are properly used, they will enhance your link by making it appear as a true editorial link. This is a big bonus in the eyes of the search engine and also encourages click-throughs.

Getting the most out of the webmaster:
At this point, the next step would be to build a network of webmasters. Since the site you are linking to is most likely in the same vertical, there is no harm in asking a simple questions, “Do you know any other sites/webmasters that can help promote my site”. By following these simple rules the results can be amazing!

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Contributed by: Alex Yunerman, Milestone Internet Marketing

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