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Driving Revenue and Profits through Digital Marketing and Social Media [Educational Session]

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AAHOA Annual Convention

2014 AAHOA Annual Convention
Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia

March 20th – 21st, 2014

Anil Aggarwal, CEO of Milestone Internet Marketing, will be speaking on the topic of:  Driving Revenue and Profits through Digital Marketing and Social Media.   This session will be held on Friday, March 21st at 2:30pm.

Learn About:

  • Hummingbird – Google’s latest Search Algorithm
  • How to make your website rank high on search engines
  • Ensuring your website is mobile ready!
  • Driving revenue through Local Search Marketing
  • How Reviews and Social Media can drive more revenue

With local factors, search history, mobile, social interactions, and knowledge graph being key factors impacting search results, it’s critical for hotels and businesses to focus on a holistic approach to online marketing – on-page SEO, organic, local, maps, social media, paid, etc. By integrating all of these components into one holistic digital marketing strategy rather than developing individual plans for each component in a vacuum, the end result is a marketing campaign that reaches more users, encourages more engagement, and ultimately drives higher return on investment. In this presentation, Milestone will cover the following key points:

Top trends we’re seeing in hotel digital marketing, what channels and factors impact search results, and how to define and execute a holistic marketing approach for optimizing all channels available on the Internet.

  • Website
  • Reviews and Social media
  • Freshness and engagement scores
  • Local optimization
  • Mobile strategies

For more information visit: AAHOA website

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