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Microsoft adCenter Quality Score Explained – SMX Advanced Seattle

Jun 08, 2011   |   Speaking Our Minds
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Microsoft adCenter Quality Score

Microsoft adCenter has just launched its version of Quality Score to help advertisers gain maximum bang for their buck on its search engine (Bing), to help them fine-tune their ads, and to help make their ads are more targeted to the end user. Microsoft quality score measures your competitiveness for the keyword you are bidding on and helps you understand how you fare against your competitors for the keyword.

Top 3 attributes affecting adCenter Quality Score:

  1. Keyword Relevance – if your keyword is competitive as compared to other advertisers.
  2. Landing Page User Experience – if your landing page meets adCenter’s editorial guidelines. Some factors that affect landing page user experience are page load time, if landing page contains ad-links, or if it has original content.
  3. Landing Page Relevance – if your ad and landing page are relevant to the search query. Some factors that affect landing page relevance are if your landing page is targeted to the keywords you are bidding on, description meta tag, keyword meta tag, image alt tag, and title tag on the page.

It is important to note that adCenter quality score is calculated daily and the performance of your ad on mobile and content network does not influence quality score. Your ad quality score does not affect ad position and does not impact cost-per-click.

6 ways to improve Quality Score:

  1. Add exact match keywords to your campaign
  2. Expand your list of negative match keywords
  3. Reduce broad match keywords
  4. Remove underperforming keywords
  5. Pause weak text ad variations
  6. Opt out of search partner network

By creating smaller ad groups, optimizing your landing page, writing new ppc ads, deleting non-converting keywords, and following quality score attributes, you stand a chance of giving your ad the maximum exposure.


Craig Danuloff, President, ClickEquations Inc.
Ping Jen, Product Manager for Quality Score, Microsoft
Joseph Kerschbaum, Client Services Director, Clix Marketing
David Rodnitzky, CEO, PPC Associates
Frederick Vallaeys, Product Evangelist, Google

Contributed by: Kchitiz Regmi, VP Operations & Technology, Milestone Internet Marketing

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