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Link Building Fundamentals [SMX West 2013]

Mar 12, 2013   |   Speaking Our Minds
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Link Building Fundamentals

Reflections on Link Building from SMX.

SMX West 2013 session SMX Boot Camp: Link Building Fundamentals brought up many insights about thinking before embarking on a successful link building journey.

Do you know what makes the algorithm GO?

One of the main things all search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have in common is link popularity. Link Popularity is a measurement of the quantity and quality of links pointing to a web page. It is considered an off page factor but a very important one in determining how your website will show up on search results.  Bing calls is net rank, Google calls it page rank and Yahoo has  termed it “trust rank.” But it doesn’t matter what we call it in the end, all that matters is that we know how to achieve it.

It seems like search engine results provide the what, when and where but the newest thing they are interested in is the who. They want to know about you, whomever you are, wherever you are. In order to become someone of interest, you have to be relevant. If you want your website to rank high for certain keywords, the content on your website better be relevant or else your website will be lost among the many existing websites on the internet.

Anchor text is still a strong portion of link building efforts. The trick is not to overdo it with the same keyword phrases over and over again. It gets old. As a query ranking indicator, anchor text carries additional weight and semantic value. It must not be undermined on the power it can have among other things toward your link building efforts. The main goal is to secure quality pages using appropriate anchors on thematically related pages according to Debra Mastaler, President of Alliance Link.

Don’t overestimate the power of social signals on today’s ranking on search engines. Social signals are the future of added credibility and reputation. Starting with your Google+ profile – a complete reflection of the WHO, publicly displayed. It is important to connect your Google+ profile with all of your websites, your blogs, your G-mail account, your documents in order to create yourself or your website as a credible authority.

SMX West 2013 – San Jose  March 11, 2013

Christine Churchill, President, KeyRelevance

Debra Mastaler, President, Alliance-Link

Contributed by:
Georgiya Yoveva, SEO Project Coordinator

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