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Competitive Intelligence: Tools and Tactics, PubCon 2011

Nov 10, 2011   |   Speaking Our Minds
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Competitive Intelligence
  • Search your competitor’s source code. You will find a lot of information by scanning their code
  • Review robots.txt file of your competitors to find out their site structure so that you can go to the internal pages and find relevant data for your needs
  • If you have something to hide on your site, do it using htaccess file; do not put it on robots.txt. Here you can find information on how to create htaccess file:
  • Follow their company on Look at the company’s status and follow the company
  • Fan their Facebook page
  • Read their content to find out who they are linking with
  • Review your competitor’s traffic on /
  • Review your competitor’s ad spending data on
  • “Competitor Name” owns about
  • Become an affiliate of your competitor
  • 10 things you should be checking on your competitors’ websites:
    • Page Authority using Open Site Explorer or Majestic SEO tools
    • Total links
    • Social Media Activity
    • LinkedIn Connections
    • Find out if your competitors are blogging
    • Use other spider tools – ScreamingFrog
    • Affiliate programs
    • Shopping cart spying
    • SpyFu – this is the top one
    • – for competitive intelligence
    • Firefox addon – outwit
    • SEOMoz Pro – keyword analysis tool
    • RavenTools Checklist – print this out and go through it, step by step


Jane Copland

Matt Siltala

Michael Streko

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