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Digital Marketing and SEO News, Trends & Technology

Stay up-to-date on the digital marketing strategies, techniques, and technology that impact your business. From websites, SEO, social, local, paid, the Milestone Inc. blog will help you manage digital transformation and optimize the digital experience. Learn the latest on schemas, AMP, Core Vitals, Local, reviews, and more.
Building a social media strategy

Building a social media strategy

November 9, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
A walkthrough of big and micro goal development, strategies, tactics before launching a social campaign. What are some of the major metrics we need to measure to performance....
Smart Organic Keyword Research

Smart Organic Keyword Research and Selection

November 9, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
Keywords remain an integral part of any SEO campaign. Without the correct keyword focus, even the best optimized content and links may not lead to success. Improve your rankings...
Google Places & Hotpot Optimization

Google Places & Hotpot Optimization

Dive deep into targeted tactics for Local Search optimization on Google. One in five search queries have a local intent. Make sure your website shows when they...
Social Media Webinar

Milestone Social Media Webinar: Top 10 Tips for Acquiring...

October 24, 2011   |   Digital Marketing Ideas, Speaking Our Minds
Milestone Internet Marketing is excited to announce our plan to host social media webinars on an ongoing basis! Our first social media webinar scheduled for mid-November is open...
Event Promotion

Event Promotion through Paid Search

October 24, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
Events and Holiday PPC Campaigns – capitalize on what’s happening in your local market to drive traffic to your website and increase online revenue. This article identifies...
Google Display Advertising

Top 5 Best Practices for Google Display Advertising

October 24, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
Display ads lead the way in driving aided brand awareness and purchase intent. Display ads allow marketers and agencies to bring their ideas and brands to life through greater...
Best Practices for Optimizing PPC

Top 10 Best Practices for Optimizing PPC Campaigns

October 24, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
Advertisers on Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Microsoft AdCenter (Bing) can probably attest to the fact that competition has been growing in the pay-per-click (PPC) arena....
Social Media’s Impact On Search Today

Social Media’s Impact On Search Today

October 24, 2011   |   Getting Social
Social media now has significant influence on search rankings. According to Google’s Panda update, websites that offer quality and relevant content will be ranked higher in...
Search Engine Results Pages

Search Engine Results Pages & Social Media Integration

September 21, 2011   |   Getting Social
Expanding your business presence in the online social media world is more than crucial these days as SERPs are including social signals in regular search results. This is...
360-Degree Competitor Analysis

360-Degree Competitor Analysis – Top 5 Areas and 5 Tools

September 21, 2011   |   Web Design and Promotion
The traditional competitive analysis for SEO has always been focused on keywords and backlinks; however, as Search Engines, such as Google and Bing, evolve to focus on universal...
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