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Protecting Your Brand and Reputation Online – SES San Francisco 2011

Aug 18, 2011   |   Industry News, Web Design and Promotion
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Protecting Your Brand and Reputation Online

Key Strategies to Managing your Online Reputation

SES San Francisco 2011When it comes to online search results there are many elements that are beyond our control. At SES San Francisco 2011, Andy Beal offered a few strategies to help manage and protect our online reputations.

Here are a few key elements to managing your brand and reputation online:

  • Keywords: think about what words people use to search for your hotel or business. What names do they use, what keywords would they type in?
  • Crawlable: make sure your site is spider friendly; use keywords and your company name in the content, anchor tags, and links; include your brand name throughout the site.
  • 3rd Person Content: Your brand name and targeted keywords should be present throughout the site. Instead of writing “we” and “us” add your name instead so it is more search friendly.
  • Anchor Text: should be optimized with your brand name, keywords, etc. Instead of just having “click here for our Facebook page” write “Company Name Geo-Location Facebook Page”
  • Cross-Promote Branded Sites: link to other pages and profiles you have for your brand or business and make sure the link is using your brand name and important keywords.
  • Keep an Eye out for Opportunity: Audit the first 30 search results for your keyword or brand name to see where there is opportunity for improvement.
  • Profiles: Create additional accounts that are relevant to your business so you have a larger presence in the SERPs. Sites that allow you to choose your profile name, url and add a company bio with keywords are great to improve your online presence.
  • Connect: Connect with your audience online and across social media channels. Respond to the negative comments or reviews, and work towards rectifying the problem. You never know when your response will change their opinion and turn an angry customer into a loyal follower.

We can’t control what search results rank for our brand name and can’t always influence what people choose to post online about our company or business. However, online reputation management gives us the opportunity to focus on the positive elements that we are able to control and influence and use these opportunities to protect our reputation online.

Andy Beal, CEO, Trackur

Contributed by: Meagan Hasenoehrl, e-Strategist, Milestone Internet Marketing

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