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Insider Tips to Ad Optimization – SES San Francisco 2011

Aug 18, 2011   |   Getting Social, Industry News
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Insider Tips to Ad Optimization

SES San Francisco 2011When starting and creating a PPC campaign there are a lot of factors to consider: bidding, negatives, landing pages, ad text, adgrouping, match types and keyword research.  Writing ad text and optimizing the creative is part art and part science.  Writing creative ad copy is the art. While hard to define success it is very important to incorporate in all ad text.  The science of ad text is constantly testing ad copy and experimentation.  Here are some tips I learned:

  1. Do not wait a month to see how well your ads are performing.  However, do not make a decision to pause or delete an ad on a few clicks.
  2. Pull a report of all of your ads to see what calls to action are working across your ads.  Begin to use these keywords in more of your ads and notice if conversions and click-through-rates increase.
  3. Understand your target audience and the seasonality of your business. Different ads work for different times of the year or even different economies.  Adding a sense of value to your ads in a poor economy can improve the performance of your ads.
  4. Constantly test.  Make sure you are running A/B tests of your ads and continually test new ad copy to see what performs well.  Ad optimization is an ongoing process and never ends.
  5. For Facebook, optimize for word-of-mouth; engage with the customer; make it social.  When you are writing ad copy target individuals to intrigue and interest.
  6. On Facebook the right image is worth more than 135 characters (the ad text character limit).  Individuals are not logo conscious on Facebook and will click on an ad with an image that solves a problem or issue vs. a logo.
  7. There are no secret formulas!

Ad text is one of the most important aspects in running a successful PPC campaign.  Try writing bold ad copy or ask a question in your ad copy and analyze the results.  Continue to test and try new ideas and ad text to begin to understand how to write and optimize your ads for your customer.

Nicholas Gadacz, Director of Search,
David Greenbaum, Founder and CEO, BoostCTR
John Yi, Marketing API Program Manager, Facebook

Contributed by: Amanda Brinkerhoff, PPC Account Manager, Milestone Internet Marketing


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