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Link Building Fundamentals

Feb 27, 2009   |   Industry News
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Link Building Fundamentals

Why are links so valuable?
Links are aggregators and they connect pages and sites like threads. They are indicators of value to a website and provide paths.
In the beginning, search engines used to just read content but then Google soon started link analysis which brought in the concept of Page Rank.

What is Link Popularity?
It measures the quality and quantity of links pointing to a website. All the major search engines use it. It is considered an off page factor.

The 4 most important components of Link building are:

  • Link Quantity: Try and get as many relevant links possible for the website
  • Link Quality: This is determined by the authority of the link. Authority sites are ones which rank well and known well within your niche. They have strong inbound linkswhich are well insulated against algorithm fluctuations.
  • Anchor Text: Anchor text is the clickable part of the link you see.
  • Anchor text tells search engines what a link (website) is about.
    For Example, Click here for more information or Find out more about San Francisco Hotel Specials
  • Note: Use most important keywords in your anchor text for maximum ranking effect
  • Link relevance: It helps establish where you belong? Search engines read text around links. Linking out and being linked to establish connections. Build links within your neighborhood. Links to and from contextually relevant or “thematically related” sites convey more authority.

Focus on linking efforts in securing as many solid, quality and authority links by using keywords rich anchors from thematically related sites/pages as possible.

Things to do to survive online:

  • Control your rate of link acquisition
  • Avoid Repetitive anchor text
  • Avoid using same anchor and URL
  • Always deep link when possible
  • Don’t use same links
  • Screen partner sites carefully and avoid linking to sites which ask for reciprocal
  • Place links in content areas and avoid securing links in avigation and sponsored areas

To avoid losing page ranks, be consistent in the way you submit it. Don’t lose the www. , http:// since Google normally considers non-similar URLs as different page

LINK TACTICS: These are the time tested tactics to improve your inbound links.

  • Article writing
  • Content targeting
  • Guest writing/ reviews
  • Press Releases optimization
  • Guest Blogging


Free tools from SEO Book: – Link reputation and analysis tools.
Link Harvester: – Allows deep query into MSN and Yahoo database and gives a good amount of link details.
Hubfinder:– Great tool to find authoritative sites.
Search Status :
Watch that page: – Service that monitors web pages and extract new information from them.

Always keep in mind that the best link building strategy is to carefully assess directories based on relevancy and its strength. Don’t try and get your website linked to just any website. Keep trying different tactics and get creative on linking. Use Social Media to drive content and links. Happy Linkbuilding!

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