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New Study Reveals the Behavior and Expectations of Facebook Brand “Likers”

Nov 22, 2010   |   Getting Social
New Study Reveals

Your Target Audience – Reach Them on Facebook

According to a study by DDB Worldwide and Opinionway Research, a top research institute in Paris, Facebook users are actively searching for brand pages to “Like”.  The study also showed that being a fan of a Facebook brand has a high impact on purchase intent, especially compared to any traditional form of advertising.

The study surveyed more than 1,600 consumers in the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific.  All participants were between the ages of 18 and 60 years-old, and questioned between August and September of 2010.

The results of the study reported that the average Facebook brand “Liker” is 31 years old. Only 17% were unemployed, and 87% had completed at least one online purchase. 43% said they were on Facebook several times a day, and 33% visited Facebook once a day.

The average number of brands followed by participants was 8.7. Out of those, 30% of the brands fall into the category of travel and tourism.

The study also validates the importance of brand advertising on Facebook.  The main way fans came to “Like” a brand on Facebook was through advertising: a shocking 75%.

Another key take away from the study is the expectation of Facebook “Likers” has on the brand pages. The majority of “Likers” expect to receive special treatment from the brand. This could be in the form of exclusive deals, discounts, or special offers.

The Facebook brand page also has a high potential to receive referrals, since 52% surveyed said they will often, or occasionally recommend a brand to a friend on Facebook.

The results of the study indicate that Facebook “Likers” are not only actively seeking out brands to follow, but they have a high intent to purchase. With exclusive deals and discounts as motivation, the brand follower is also is likely to advocate for the brand in return.

SOURCE DDB Worldwide Communications Group Inc:

Contributed by: Katie Flanagan, Milestone Internet Marketing

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