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New Link Sharing Tool – Bundles

Nov 23, 2010   |   Getting Social
New Link Sharing Tool

Grouping multiple links with

While there are many services available for URL shortening, the most popular still proves to be, the URL redirection tool that makes sharing links an easy task. For those people who love to share links but haven’t had a way to share multiple links all at once, the new “ bundles” tool is sure to please. It allows users to share up to 100 links at once, all with one short-and-sweet custom URL.

The new tool gives users the option of grouping multiple links into one short link, by putting them all together in a “bundle” to share on Twitter, Facebook or via email. Once a user has signed up as a member – a free, quick and painless process – the steps to creating a bundle are very simple:

  • Enter the links into the main box & links are shortened instantly (main information compiled under box)
  • Once complete, select “bundle”
  • Arrange the order of the links in the bundle by dragging and dropping the boxes
    • Links can also be deleted/edited at any time, as all information is stored in the users’ account for future reference
  • Create custom title, description and notes for each link on the landing page that is generated for each bundle
    • tool automatically pulls in the directory descriptions that exist for every site that is associated with a URL in that bundle
Creating Bundles

Creating Bundles

The tool also features a tracking function, which allows users to track the bundle performance, showing total clicks, referrals and all conversations related to that new bundle. It also automatically generates a QR code, the next clever way to share information with mobile users.

This new tool from is a dream application for people who love to share multiple links. No longer will people have to use up their valuable 140-character space on Twitter with multiple links, or post multiple Facebook status updates, as this new tool allows for easy sharing with one short URL. Businesses with multiple functions/groups but only one Facebook or Twitter profile can benefit by using only one link to share a wealth of information, while still keeping the information digestible and pleasing to the eye. The ability to go back and update links as needed in each bundle allows for ongoing updates and streamlined information sharing. And the bottom line is, the easier it is to share links, the more links will be shared – thus prompting ongoing conversation online. Thanks to bundles, sharing is getting easier and a lot more fun.

Contributed by: Selin Maurice, Milestone Internet Marketing

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